Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 1.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.

Document Drawn for Joseph Torrey and F. L. King to William Butler and Thomas Moffett [1]

April 27, 1842

Whereas William Butler and Thomas Moffett are sureties on a certain promissory note for the sum of three hundred dollars with twelve per cent interest from date until paid payable to P. C. Latham three weeks after date, and bearing date Sept. 22, 1839 to which note Joseph Torr[e]y & Co. are principals, and of which firm I am a member, and have assumed to pay said note. Now therefore to secure said Butler and Moffett from paying said note or any part thereof I transfer all book accounts due to me to them; and for this same purpose I assign to [them the?] notes of which the following is a list, towit. [Here is omitted a list of seventy-three debtors with the amount due from each of them].

And for the same purpose I transfer to said Moffett and Butler a judgement in the Sangamon circuit court in favour of said Joseph Torr[e]y & Co against Folsom Dorset, for the sum of $636.21 cents rendered Nov. 17, 1841.

Said accounts, notes, and judgement, are to be in the custody and control of Turner R. King as the mutual agent of the parties who is to collect the money due thereon as fast as possible, and apply thePage  287 same to the payment of the note first, mentioned, and to return the overplus if any to me.

In testimony whereof I hereunto set my hand this 27th. day of April 1842. F. L. KING

By T. R. King


[1]   AD, IHi. Document in Lincoln's hand excepting signatures.