Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 1.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.

Petition for Pardon of Michael Hill [1]

April 2, 1842

To his Excellency, Thomas Carlin, Governor of the State of Illinois---

The undersigned, your petitioners, respectfully represent that Michael Hill has, at the March term (now in session) of the Sangamon circuit court, been tried on an indictment for manslaughter,Page  284 and a verdict of guilty, and that he be confined in the penitentiary for the term of one year and ten days found against him; that your petitioners are the jurors that rendered the verdict; that, under their oaths, they felt it their duty to render such verdict as they did, but that, considering the circumstances, they deem Mr. Hill a most fit subject for the Executive clemency; that he is an elderly, respectable, and peaceful citizen, with a large and respected family; that he was highly provoked, by oft repeated and long continued abuse, to strike the fatal blow, and that, when he did strike, it is agreed by all, he had no intention of killing, or very seriously hurting the unfortunate deceased. They therefore respectfully request, that your Excellency will grant him a full pardon of the entire punishment imposed by the law in the case.

April 2. 1842.


[1]   AD, I-Ar. In addition to the signatures of the jurors, attested by John Calhoun as clerk, there are 147 signatures of citizens of Springfield and Sangamon County, including those of ``A. Lincoln'' and ``S. T. Logan'' (both signed by Lincoln).