Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 1.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.

Resolutions Adopted at a Whig Meeting [1]

November 22, 1841

Whereas, a State Whig Convention has been called to reconcile conflicting claims to the nomination of a Whig candidate for Governor; and whereas Col. Wm. H. Davidson has declined being a candidate for that office---leaving no other candidate before the people than Gen. Joseph Duncan---

Resolved, As the opinion of this meeting, that the necessity of holding a State Convention seems to be obviated, and that we will cordially unite in the support of Joseph Duncan for Governor of this State---but that on the subject of holding a State convention, as on all others connected with the interests of the Whig party and the maintenance of its principles, we will abide the decision of our friends in other portions of the State. Resolved, That we respectfully suggest the name of Hon. JUSTIN HARLAN, of Clark county--- late a Judge of the Circuit Court---as a suitable candidate for the office of Lieutenant Governor. Resolved, That the following named persons be delegates for this county to the State Whig Convention, provided it is deemed necessary to hold one: Wm. Caldwell, of Sugar Creek; S. B. Eaty of Athens; John Dawson, of Wolf Creek; H. Yates, of Island Grove; and A. Lincoln of Springfield.


[1]   Sangamo Journal, November 26, 1841. Lincoln, Simeon Francis, and William Porter reported the resolutions as a committee.