Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 1.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.

Call for Whig State Convention [1]

October 20, 1841


The undersigned, acting as is believed, in accordance with the wishes of the whig party, and in compliance with their duties as the Whig Central Committee of this State, appoint the third Monday of December next, for the meeting of a Whig State Convention,Page  262 at Springfield, for the purpose of nominating candidates for the offices of Governor and Lieutenant Governor of this State for the coming election.

It is recommended that the number of Delegates to the Convention shall conform to the number of Representatives to which the Counties are respectively entitled under the new apportionment; but that in all cases every County shall be entitled to one Delegate.

We would urge upon our political friends in the different Counties to call meetings immediately for the election of Delegates.

It is ardently hoped that the Counties will be fully represented, in order that the will of the people may be expressed in the selection of candidates. A. G. HENRY, E. D. BAKER,

Springfield, Oct. 20, 1841. J. F. SPEED, WM. L. MAY,


Whig State Central Committee.


[1]   Sangamo Journal, October 22, 1841.