Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 1.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.

Certificate of Survey for Russell Godbey [1]

1834 Jany. 14

Surveyed for Russel Godby [2]---the West half of the North East quarter of Section 30 in Township 19 North of Range 6 West. Begining at a White oak 12 inches in diameter bearing N 34 E 84 Links a White oak 10 inches S 58 W. 98 Links. Thence

Page  21Survey for Reason Shipley, January 6, 1834. John Calhoun was surveyor of Sangamon County; chainmen Richard Soward and Alexander Latimer were neighbors of Shipley.

Mrs. Herman G. Wilms

South 40 chains to a White oak 12 inches. N 73 E. 20 Links. Thence East 20 chains to a Black oak 12 inches S 54 W. 16 Links. Thence North 40 chains to a Post & mound. Thence West 20 chains to the begining

Chainmen J. Calhoun, S S C

Hercules Demming} BY A. LINCOLN


[1]   ADS, DLC-HW.

[2]   A farmer living six miles north of New Salem.