Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 1.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.


[1]   ALS, IHi. Speed had sold his store on January 1, 1841, and two or three months later had gone home to the Speed plantation near Louisville, Kentucky.

[2]   For a more complete account see infra, ``Remarkable Case of Arrest for Murder,'' April 15, 1846.

[3]   Probably William H. Myer.

[4]   James W. Keyes, at the time postmaster at Springfield.

[5]   Probably Charles Stice, postmaster at Greenbush, near where Trailor lived.

[6]   Josiah Wickersham and James Maxcy were deputy sheriffs.

[7]   Addison and Horace Hickox operated a mill on Spring Creek.

[8]   Dr. Elias H. Merryman.

[9]   William L. May, mayor, and William Lavely, justice of the peace.

[10]   Josiah Lamborn.

[11]   Stephen T. Logan.

[12]   Edward D. Baker.

[13]   Wharton Ransdell, tavern keeper.

[14]   Andrew J. Galloway, Egbert M. Mallory.

[15]   James R. Langford, carpenter and joiner.

[16]   Ellis Hart.

[17]   Mary Todd.

[18]   Sarah A. Rickard, sister-in-law of William Butler, who made her home with the Butlers.