Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 1.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.
Page  254

Receipt to Josiah N. Francis [1]

June 12th. 1841-

This may certify that I have this day received of Josiah Francis [2] four notes, hereafter described, upon the following conditions that I am to keep them forty days unless the makers or any of them call and pay, and at the end of that time or any time afterwards am to return them or so many of them as remain unpaid, when said Francis may demand them of me at my office; and any money I may receive upon s[ai]d notes is to be applied to one or the other or both of two judgements obtained against sd Francis in one case & against him and others in the other, before Thomas Moffett a Justice of the Peace of Sangamon county. The constable who has the executions in those cases, if they will expire before the said forty days, may return them and take out new, & if they will not so expire, he may suspend acting upon them for that length of time.

The notes are as follows---

1 on Wesley Eads for. $73.58

1 on William Boyd for. 34.06

1 on William Ramsay for. 20.00

1 on Bondurant & Primm for. 12.37.


All responsibility of A. Lincoln on this receipt is discharged by receipt & application of money & by return of notes.

Nov. 17. 1845 JOSIAH FRANCIS


[1]   ADS, owned by Mrs. Logan Hay, Springfield, Illinois.

[2]   See letter to Thomas Bohannon, August 7, 1839, n. 3, supra.