Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 1.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.
Dear Col: Springfield, June 4th. 1841-

Yours of the 23rd. ult: is duly received and I have most cheerfully complied with the request you make in relation to Col: Servant. [2] I have written to Mr. Tyler [3] saying all for the Col: that I could say for the best man on earth. Baker [4] will do the same to-day.

About the matter you and I spoke of at our last parting, I can say nothing which would be news to you. My feelings, and those of Baker, on that subject, are precisely the same as when we last saw you; but the question is how to effect any thing. If you see any way that we can do any thing you ought to write us; there is no indelicacy in it. Baker and I were with Webb [5] at Vermillion, and talked the matter over with him; and he will tell you the particulars of what we thought.

With my best respects to Mrs. Davidson and Mrs. Wilson, [6] I remain Your friend, as ever A. LINCOLN