Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 1.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.

Discussion in Illinois Legislature
of a Bill for Taxing Doctors and Lawyers [1]

February 27, 1841

Mr LINCOLN moved to amend the Lawyers tax by striking out all that part of the bill taxing lawyers $15 in every county of the State in which they attend to any suit, (besides also $15 in their own county,) the amendment was carried.

Mr. DOLLINS [2] moved to amend by substituting 10 for $15, agreed to.

Mr BISSELL [3] moved to reduce the Doctors tax from 10 to $5 agreed to.

Mr KITCHELL [4] moved to tax all the members of the Legislature $5.

Mr LINCOLN suggested that there was a rule preventing them from voting in cases in which they were interested, and it appeared to him they were interested in this case, (a laugh)


[1]   Illinois State Register, March 12, 1841.

[2]   Achilles D. Dollins.

[3]   William H. Bissell.

[4]   Wickliff Kitchell.