Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 1.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.

Discussion in Illinois Legislature
Concerning Payment of the State Debt [1]

February 24, 1841

On motion of Mr. BALDWIN, [2] the bill to provide for the payment of the State debt, was taken up and read a second time. . . .

Mr KITCHELL [3] offered to amend by requiring that the Bonds shall not be parted with at a less sum than their expressed value.

Mr LINCOLN thought that to maintain the credit of the State, the best plan was to provide for making bonds good and valuable by raising a revenue to meet them, and having done so, then to dispose of them without restrictions and forcing them to an unnatural maximum. . . .

Messrs Lincoln and Henderson, [4] in reference to the amendment, shewed the absurdities of pretending to sell bonds to pay interest and fixing upon them a price at which they never could be sold.


[1]   Illinois State Register, March 5, 1841.

[2]   Daniel Baldwin of St. Clair County.

[3]   Wickliff Kitchell of Montgomery County.

[4]   William H. Henderson of Putnam County. Kitchell's amendment was tabled.