Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 1.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.


[1]   The Illinoian (Jacksonville), March 27, 1841. The date can be estimated from a reference in the Illinois State Register, February 12, 1841: ``We learn that the members of the Federal party met in caucus one night last week, concocted a remonstrance against the judiciary bill, filled with the most unheard of misrepresentations, have since printed ten thousand copies thereof, and sent them to the various secret committees in different parts of the State which were organized previous to the fall elections. The object is to create a panic amongst the people.''

[2]   Lincoln's fellow-committeemen were: Sidney H. Little, senator, McDonough and Hancock Counties; Edward D. Baker, senator, Sangamon County; John J. Hardin, representative, Morgan County; Edwin B. Webb, representative, White County; Joseph Gillespie, representative, Madison County.