Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 1.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.

Amendments Introduced in Illinois Legislature
to an Act to Vacate Town Plat of Livingston [1]

[December 12, 1840]

Amend the Bill by adding the following additional sections, towit:

Sec. 2nd. That the town plat of the town of Cicero in the county of Sangamon be vacated Provided that John Latham and Archibald Constant, or the heirs of them or either of them, be the sole proprietors of said town at the passage of this act.

Sec: 3rd. That Blocks numbered Six, Seven, eight, and nine, of the Plat of the town of Caledonia in the county of Putnam, are hereby vacated, Provided that P. G. Young be the sole proprietor of said Blocks at the passage of this act.

Sec: 4. That the south end of Charles Street from first to Second South Streets in Coleman's addition to the Town of Belleville in the County of St. Clair is hereby vacated.


[1]   AD, I-Ar. These amendments to a Senate bill were adopted by the House on December 12, 1840. The council of revision turned the bill down, objecting to Lincoln's fourth section. Whereupon the fourth section was removed and the amended bill passed both houses. It may be found in Laws of Illinois, 1841, pp. 315-16.