Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 1.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.
Page  220

Remarks in Illinois Legislature
Concerning Payment of Interest on State Debt [1]

December 12, 1840

Mr. LINCOLN had thought at first that some permanent provision ought to have been made for the bonds to be hypothecated. He was in favor of such a permanent fund, but he was soon convinced that if we connect with the question at this moment matters of finance, of revenue and taxation, nothing could be done. He was willing to go for the naked proposition, simply to pay the interest due. Mr. L. therefore, now proposed to adopt this amendment, without clogging it with revenue questions. He wished to see by a direct vote if the house would adopt the naked proposition. He for one was for it; if any details required amendment, it could be done hereafter.


[1]   Illinois State Register, December 18, 1840. Lincoln's remarks were in favor of an amendment offered by Alfred W. Cavarly of Greene County, to a bill providing payment of interest on the state debt. The amendment called for ``the simple proposition to pay the interest unembarrassed with a multitude of other questions.'' The amendment lost 47 to 41.