Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 1.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.
E. C. Blankenship: New Salem, Aug. 10, 1833.

Dear Sir: In regard to the time David Rankin served the enclosed discharge shows correctly---as well as I can recollect---having no writing to refer. The transfer of Rankin from my company occurred as follows---Rankin having lost his horse at Dixon's ferry and having acquaintance in one of the foot companies who were going down the river was desirous to go with them, and one Galishen [2] being an acquaintance of mine and belonging to the company in which Rankin wished to go wished to leave it and join mine, this being the case it was agreed that they should exchange places and answer to each others names---as it was expected we all would be discharged in very few days. As to a blanket---I have no knowledge of Rankin ever getting any. The above embraces all the facts now in my recollection which are pertinent to the case.

I shall take pleasure in giving any further information in my power should you call on me. Your friend, A. LINCOLN.