Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 1.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.
Page  212

Remarks in Illinois Legislature
on Printing of Governor's Message [1]

November 26, 1840

Mr. Lincoln said he had moved for the ayes and noes on this motion to print 8,000 copies, from a higher consideration than the saving of 30 or 40 dollars, which the member from Cook [Ebenezer Peck] had said would be the only additional expense. He would grant that 30 or 40 dollars were not worth quarreling about. But when we reflected, that if we now quarrel about 40 dollars, and it is nevertheless allowed, would not the presumption be very strong, that hereafter, many such sums, will be allowed without a quarrel, and without objection.

Some experience in this matter had convinced him that it was altogether useless to print so much as we had even been in the habit of doing. He would appeal to the experience of every member who had served in the Legislature if one half of them were ever distributed. No sir; from the time they are printed, until the end of the session, they can be found every where in places nameable and unnameable---in short, every where, but amongst the people.


[1]   Sangamo Journal, November 27, 1840.