Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 1.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.
Dear Stuart: Springfield, March 26 1840

In relation to the Kinzie matter, [2] I can say no more than this, that the check was taken from the Bank by you, and on the same day you made a note in our memorandum book, stating you had sent it by mail to Kinzie; but there is no memorandum concerning it at Irwin's [3] Kinzie has ceased writing about it, and consequently I have some hope that he has received it.

We have had a convention for nominating candidates in this county. Baker [4] was put on the track for the Senate, and Bradford, [5] Brown [6] of the Island Grove, Josiah Francis, Darnielle, [7] & I for the House. Ninian [8] was verry much hurt at not being nominated; but he has become tolerably well reconciled. I was much, verry much, wounded myself at his being left out. The fact is, the country delegates made the nominations as they pleased; and they pleased to make them all from the country, except Baker & me, whom they supposed necessary to make stump speeches. Old Col. Elkin [9] is nominated for Sheriff. That's right.

The Locos have no candidates on the track yet, except Dick Taylor [10] for the Senate. Last saturday he made a speech, and May [11] answered him. The way May let the wind out of him, was a perfect wonder. The court room was verry full, and neither you nor I ever saw a crowd in this county so near all one side, and all feeling so good before. You will see a short account of it in the Journal.


Japh. Ball [12] has come out for Harrison. Ain't that a caution?