Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 1.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.

Remarks in Illinois Legislature
Concerning an Act to Modify the System of Internal Improvements [1]

January 30, 1840

Mr. LINCOLN said, he thought this a question of sufficient importance to justify this last effort in behalf of a proposition, to savePage  201 something to the State, from the general wreck. It was very true that similar propositions had before been voted down in this House by large majorities; but it might be a returning sense of justice, would induce this House to acknowledge, upon this last opportunity, that at least some portion of our Internal Improvements should be carried on. That after the immense debt, we have incurred in carrying these works almost to completion, at least one work calculated to yield something towards defraying its expense, should be finished and put in operation. Every body acknowledged that this much, if no more, should be done; and why not come up to the question here, with the same candor, that we do out of doors?


[1]   Sangamo Journal, February 7, 1840. Lincoln's remarks were in reply to John J. Hardin's observation that he hoped the bill ``would be pressed upon the attention of the House no longer.''