Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 1.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.
Dear Stuart: Springfield, Jany. 29th. 1840

You recollect I mentioned to you that I had secured our Truett debt by taking a new note with Myers as security. You also recollect that the old note was in your individual name, and was sent to Gilbreath at Dixon's. [2] Myers came through Springfield and left the new note, and I sent an order to Truett [3] on Gilbreath, to deliver up the old note, which Gilbreath refuses to do, as appears by the enclosed letter from Truett, upon the ground that you, and not I, have control of the matter. Will you, on the receipt of this, immediately send an order to Truett at Dixon's on Gilbreath for the old note, framing it so that Truett will have to pay all cost and expense that may have accrued, before he gets the note. Dont neglect this, because Truett, as you will see by his letter, is verry anxious about it.

The outlines of things here are---

Internal Improvement down---

Canal down---

Bank up---

Harrison going ahead---

Your friend as ever