Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 1.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.

To John T. Stuart [1]

Dear Stuart: Springfield, Jany. 21st. 1840.

A bill bringing on the congressional elections in this state, next summer, has passed the House of Representatives this minute. [2] As I think it will also pass the Senate, I take the earliest moment to advise you of it. I do not think any one of our political friends, wishes to push you off the track.

Anticipating the introduction of this bill, I wrote you, for your feelings on the subject, several weeks since; but have received no answer. It may be, that my letter miscarried; if so, will you, on the receipt of this, write me what you think and feel about the matter.

Nothing new, except I believe I have got our Truett [3] debt secured. I have Truetts note at twelve months, with his brother Myers as surety. Your friend, as ever---



[1]   ALS IHi

[2]   The bill would have changed the date of congressional elections to August, 1840. In 1839 the legislature, because of the census of 1840, had moved the 1840 election forward one year. The Senate tabled the bill.

[3]   Henry B. Truett and Myers Truett of Galena, Illinois.