Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 1.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.

Remarks in Illinois Legislature
Concerning Resolutions Asking Information on Railroad and Fund Commissioners [1]

December 8, 1838

Mr. HARDIN [2] of Morgan, asked that certain resolutions presented by him on Monday, asking for detailed information upon every subject connected with the duties of the Rail road and Fund Commissioners, should be taken up. Several amendments were offered to the resolution which were agreed to. Mr. LINCOLN inPage  123 reference to the resolutions said, that so far as he understood their object it was not an unfriendly one towards the Internal Improvement system. His own course was identified with the system. We had gone too far to recede, even if we were disposed to do so. He wished the resolution might pass, so as to enable the friends of the system to detect any errors which might be found in its prosecution, so as to prevent their recurrence.


[1]   Sangamo Journal, December 15, 1838.

[2]   John J. Hardin. His resolutions were adopted after considerable discussion (House Journal, Eleventh General Assembly, First Session, pp. 49-50).