Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 1.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.

To John Bennett [1]

Dear Sir. Springfield, Aug. 5 1837

Mr. Edwards [2] tells me you wish to know, whether the act to which your town incorporation provision was attached, passed into a law. It did. You can organize under the general incorporation law as soon as you choose.

I also tacked a provision on to a fellow's bill to authorize the relocation of the road from Salem down to your town; but I am not certain whether or not the bill passed; neither do I suppose I can ascertain before the laws will be published. If it is a law, Bowling Green, Bennett Abell, and yourself are appointed to make the change. [3]

No news. No excitement except a little about the election of monday next. I suppose, of course, our friend Dr. Henry, stands no chance in your ``diggings'' [4] Your friend and humble servant John Bennett Esq. A. LINCOLN


[1]   ALS-F, ISLA. John Bennett was proprietor of a hotel in the new town of Petersburg, Illinois, a few miles from New Salem, which Lincoln had surveyed and planned in 1835-1836. Petersburg's success in drawing residents away from New Salem marked the decline of that village, which became within a few years a ghost town.

[2]   Possibly Thomas Edwards, a farmer from near New Salem, or Ninian W.Page  94

Edwards of Springfield. The act referred to was passed July 19 (vide supra).

[3]   The act was not passed. See Lincoln's amendment, July 19, supra.

[4]   Dr. Anson G. Henry, Whig candidate for probate justice of peace, who two days later was defeated at the polls by General James Adams.