Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 1.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.
June 24, 1837

Whereas we have seen several publications in the ``Illinois Republican,'' stating that Dr. A. G. Henry, one of the Commissioners appointed by the Legislature to superintend the building of the State House, is squandering disadvantageously and uselessly the public money appropriated by the citizens of this place for that object; and, whereas, if the charge be true, it is highly important to the interest of the State, that the trust now held by Dr. Henry should be immediately placed in other hands: therefore

Resolved, That a Committee of seven be appointed to examine the books and proceedings of the Commissioners appointed to superintend the building of the State House, and that said Committee make a full and complete Report of said proceedings, together with such remarks upon the facts disclosed as their acquaintance with such business may enable them to make, that may go to show whether the Commissioners are, or are not, progressing with the work in the most economical and judicious manner; and that said Report be published in the newspapers of this place.