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Submission Guidelines

Translating the Americas welcomes submissions of translated work in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Kreyol, or other Latin American language, by any scholar regardless of rank or affiliation. Submissions must have been previously published in their original language in either a peer-reviewed journal or with an academic press. Submissions should include the translated text, the original citation, and must be accompanied by a release form signed by the rights holder (these usually belong to the author or to the journal or press of first publication). Submissions must also include a transfer of rights in the translation (signed by the translator or the author if he or she holds these rights). Submissions will be evaluated based on the scholarly impact of the work, its potential interest to readers in a second language, and the quality of the translated text.

The Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies also invites applications from UM faculty for grants to support translation of published scholarship by UM researchers into Portuguese, Spanish and other Latin American Languages. Proposals will also be accepted for translation of texts from Latin American languages into English to support teaching on the region or research collaborations. LACS will retain non-exclusive rights to publish in Translating the Americas. Applications for translation grants should include: the complete original citation of the article, article abstract, word count, and estimated cost. Proposal must also include a release form signed by the rights holder (unless you have retained translation rights, these usually belong to the journal or press of first publication).

Queries, submissions, and applications should be sent to lacs.office@umich.edu with the subject line "Translation."