Egyptian Amulets, Kelsey Museum of Archaeology


Collection Information

The Egyptian Amulet catalog is a collaborative project between the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology, and UM's Digital Library Production Service. It was created between January and May of 1998 as part of a Directed Field Experience between Matt Stoeffler, a graduate student in the School of Information, and Robin Meador-Woodruff, Associate Curator of Photographs at the Kelsey. Initally developed on a fairly small scale (roughly 360 items), the catalog's purpose was to demonstrate the feasibility and value of transfering the Kelsey catalog of artifacts from a proprietary database system to an SGML-based system providing ubiquitous web access. Important contributions were made by the following people: Melanie Grunow, UM graduate student (cataloging); John Weise, Coordinator of Image Services at DLPS; Cynthia Fandl, Digital Photographer (digital photography); Dave Detlefs, Image Services programmer.

Please also visit the Kelsey Museum's web site.