Submission Guidelines

The founders of JSAS elected to keep its scope fairly broad to allow it to cover essentially all areas of sport management science. Rather than focus JSAS topically in an attempt to elicit the perception of higher research quality, its founders prefer to ensure journal quality through high-quality peer reviewing; correlatedly, ensuring high-quality peer reviews is the function of a high-quality editorial board.

JSAS welcomes for review papers that examine topics that primarily center around some aspect of the administration and supervision of amateur, elite, semiprofessional, and professional sports, including (but not limited to) administration/organizational behavior, marketing, law, economics/finance, history, sociology, ethics, coaching, institutional interaction, secondary (high school) interaction, professional sport interaction, intra-departmental interaction, and media. Manuscripts that center upon process improvement will be considered particularly important to its mission. JSAS will also seek to further the concept of phenomenology through the promotion of case studies.

For more information, see scope of articles and requirements for manuscripts.