Though it’s been a long time coming, we are proud to welcome you to the third volume of the Journal of Sport Administration & Supervision.

As with our previous two issues, we continue to see the production of quality, highly practical research about the field of sport submitted to our journal for review by colleagues around the world.

For that, we are at once grateful, proud, and humbled.

We are grateful that authors entrust their arduously conceived manuscripts to us for review, critique, and hopefully publication (the door to which we want to hold as open as we can, pending manuscript quality).

We are proud that both academic and non-academic audiences are accessing our authors’ manuscripts, as evidenced by our EBSCO partnership and the social media outreach in which we’ve engaged.

And we are humbled that the outcomes we envisioned when we founded JSAS are happening, including:

  • Young scholars finding a fertile outlet for their quality manuscripts
  • Increased interest in academic research by practitioners, who are embracing our authors’ findings as worthwhile and valuable
  • Mentoring of these young scholars by seasoned veterans on our review and editorial boards

A clear example of these phenomena is embodied in Dr. Bill Stier’s landmark commentary published in this issue. Entitled “A Primer For Administrative/Managerial Success,” this piece encapsulates lessons learned over the nearly-half-century-long career of perhaps the eminent Renaissance person in the entire sport academy.

We are honored that he selected JSAS as the outlet with which to share his wisdom and are pleased that it will live on indefinitely as a beacon of wisdom to present and future sport leaders.

Also in the mindset of present and future leadership, we are pleased to announce that we have handed the reins of daily editorial operation of this journal to Dr. J. Michael Martinez, an exceptionally qualified assistant professor of sport and fitness management at Troy University in Troy, Al, which boasts one of the most dynamic sport academic programs in the nation.

Dr. Martinez matriculated through sport administration program at The University of Southern Mississippi, the same platform that helped launch our careers. He earned his Ph.D. under the tutelage of Dr. Jubenville at Middle Tennessee State University and has served for several years on the Troy faculty, where he plays a vital role in coordinating the annual Southern Sport Management Conference, with which JSAS is proud to partner.

While we will still retain various JSAS managerial duties, the two of us will move into more administrative roles with JSAS, while Dr. Martinez (and those whom he may select) will handle the daily editorial/review/publication processes and take a more hands-on operational role.

We are supremely confident that he will continue to uphold the standards to which JSAS has ascribed and believe he can move it to even greater heights as our careers transition a bit.

In the near future, Dr. Martinez will also be announcing several new additions to both our academic and practitioner review boards. These well qualified professionals will continue to boost our efforts to publish “research that matters!” We believe you will agree with our assessment of them when you see who they are and the institutions with which they are affiliated.

One of the standards of which we are most proud is the fact that we have sought to encourage (rather than discourage) publication of quality manuscripts, and this issue is no different, as reflected in our acceptance rates.

FOR THIS ISSUE: 17 received, 7 published (42%)

OVERALL: 49 received, 19 published (39%)

As we’ve stated before, the only reason whatsoever that we announce these rates is to satisfy the requirements for our authors’ needs for tenure, promotion, and/or merit.

We continue to believe that inclusive publication of practical, quality research manuscripts and outreach should be the primary goals of this academic refereed journal.

Obviously, as evidenced by the strong outpouring of support we’ve received from both the academic and practitioner communities (not the least of which is you taking the time to read this piece and peruse this volume of JSAS!), we are precisely on track with what we envisioned accomplishing, and we believe the future of this journal will only be brighter and more impactful.

To our first-time readers, we welcome you to the tribe! To our returning readers, we appreciate and affirm your membership in the tribe, too!

Colby B. Jubenville is a Professor at Middle Tennessee State University. He can be reached by e-mail at cjubenville@jsasonline.org.

Benjamin D. Goss is an Associate Professor at Missouri State University. He can be reached by e-mail at bgoss@jsasonline.org.