Journal of Muslim Mental Health

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Original Article Acculturation, Acculturative Stress, Religiosity and Psychological Adjustment among Muslim Arab American Adolescents Goforth, Anisa N.; Oka, Evelyn R.; Leong, Frederick T. L.; Denis, Daniel J. vol. 8 no. 2 2014
Original Article Acculturation of the Muslims Settled in the West Khawaja, Nigar G. vol. 10 no. 1 Summer 2016
Original Article Acculturative Issues of Muslims in Australia Khawaja, Nigar G.; Khawaja, Sunnya vol. 10 no. 2 Winter 2016
Original Article African Refugee Youths’ Stories of Surviving Trauma and Transition in U.S. Public Schools Haffejee, Badiah vol. 9 no. 1 2015
Original Article American Muslim College Students: The Impact of Religiousness and Stigma on Active Coping Herzig, Benjamin A.; Roysircar, Gargi; Kosyluk, Kristin A.; Corrigan, Patrick W. vol. 7 no. 1 2012
Review Article American Muslim Immigrant Mental Health: The Role of Racism and Mental Health Stigma Phillips, David; Lauterbach, Dean vol. 11 no. 1 Summer 2017
Original Article American Muslim Marital Quality: A Preliminary Investigation Chapman, Aliya R.; Bennett Cattaneo, Lauren vol. 7 no. 2 2013
Faith Based Practice Attachment to God in Islamic Spirituality Ghobary Bonab, Bagher; Miner, Maureen; Proctor, Marie-Therese vol. 7 no. 2 2013
Original Article Attitudes Toward Muslim Americans Post-9/11 Khan, Mussarat; Ecklund, Kathryn vol. 7 no. 1 2012