Eva Mueller, U-M economist and demographer, died on November 19, 2006. Professor Mueller, who made important contributions to international research and training, will be remembered on April 20 at an event hosted by the Population Studies Center (PSC). Mueller came to U-M’s Survey Research Center in 1951 to work on the Surveys of Consumer Attitudes. In 1957 she joined the Department of Economics, and later the Population Studies Center. At PSC she developed an ambitious program of international research focusing on women’s fertility, labor force activity, and time-use in developing countries.

    Mueller played an important role in developing U-M’s economic demography program, a joint research and training program between PSC and the Department of Economics. Through this program she mentored a large number of graduate students in economics, including many international students.

    In 2001 Mueller became the third recipient of the American Economic Association’s Carolyn Shaw Bell Award. The award is given annually to an individual “who has furthered the status of women in the economics profession.” “The struggle isn’t over yet,” she said while discussing the challenges faced by women entering the male-dominated profession of economics in the 1940s and 1950s in her acceptance speech. She recalled that when she asked the chairman of her Harvard economics department to help her find a job following her PhD, “he said he couldn’t help me, since economics wasn’t a woman’s field.”

    The April 20th celebration in memory of Eva Mueller will be held at the Institute for Social Research from 3 to 5 pm. For more information, contact Patrick Shields at 734-764-8369 (peshield@umich.edu).