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    Discords in German Secularism: The Question of Muslim Germans Konuk, Kader
    Evidence, Justice, and Truth: An Interview with Natasa Kandic Herscher, Andrew
    The Attitudes of Ordinary Iraqis in 2004 and 2006 Tessler, Mark
    Strategies for Managing the Conflict in Iraq Howse, Robert
    Iraq Then and Now Cole, Juan
    The LSA Theme Year, 2006-2007: The Theory and Practice of Citizenship: From the Local to the Global Bright, Charlie
    China Initiatives Update: Winter 2007
    What's Left in Latin America? Frye, David
    Eva Mueller, U-M Pioneer in International Research
    New Center for Global Health: Tackling Issues of Health Inequities Worldwide Kotha, Rani
    China in the World: 2007-2008 Theme Year Schlorff, Ena
    The Poorest of the Poor Conference Snow, Rachel; London, Ted; Reddy, Sanjay G.; Danziger, Sheldon; Sullivan, Teresa; Herwitz, Daniel
    Promoting Equality in Higher Education: An Interview with Martin Hall Herwitz, Daniel
    The Brazilianization of Brasilia Lara, Fernando; Nair, Stella
    New Southeast Asia Course Engages U-M Undergraduates Sullivan, Charley
    Global Transformations and "Cosmopolitical" Social Science Kennedy, Michael D.; Leslie, Camilo; Nau, Allison; Said, Atef; Saito, Hiro
    Islamic Studies Initiative Knysh, Alexander; Shryock, Andrew
    The Photovoice Kashmir Pilot Project Janmohamed, Shenaaz; Pham, Thanh
    Experiencing the 2006 Thai Coup: Reflections on Asian Values and Democracy Selway, Joel