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RSNA Electronic Journal: Beyond Paper Images: Radiology on the Web Ackerman, Laurens V.; Simonaitis, Alphonse vol. 3 no. 1 September, 1997

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EPUB 95kb
The Educational Value of Truly Interactive Scientific Publishing Ackerman, Michael J. vol. 18 no. 2 Spring 2015
TC: A Journal of Biblical Textual Criticism: A Modern Experiment in Studying the Ancients Adair, James R. vol. 3 no. 1 September, 1997
EPUB 80kb
Posthumanities: The Dark Side of “The Dark Side of the Digital” Adema, Janneke; Hall, Gary vol. 19 no. 2 Fall 2016
The Development of Bioone: Changing the Role of Research Libraries in Scholarly Communication Alexander, Adrian; Goodyear, Marilu vol. 5 no. 3 March, 2000
EPUB 79kb
The Faxon Institute: Why We Do It Alexander, Adrian vol. 3 no. 3 March, 1998
EPUB 55kb
Teaching an Old University Press Publisher New Tricks: Living in the Present and Preparing for the Future of Scholarly Communications Alexander, Patrick H. vol. 17 no. 2 Spring 2014
Glitch Ontology (A Video Performance) Amerika, Mark vol. 19 no. 2 Fall 2016
Flat: The Minimalist B-ISDN Rate Anania, Loretta; Solomon, Richard Jay vol. 2 no. 1 May, 1996
EPUB 50kb
Flat: The Minimalist B-ISDN Rate Anania, Loretta; Solomon, Richard Jay vol. 1 no. 1&2 January
EPUB 72kb
ARCHIVE: Globalizing Politics and Religion in the Muslim World Anderson, Jon W. vol. 3 no. 1 September, 1997
Publishing Online-Only Peer-Reviewed Biomedical Literature: Three Years of Citation, Author Perception, and Usage Experience Anderson, Kent; Sack, John; Krauss, Lisa; O'Keefe, Lori vol. 6 no. 3 March, 2001
EPUB 110kb
Publisher-Library Partnership for Accessibility: A Case Study of Scholarly Publishing for Public Audiences Anderson-Wilk, Mark; Kunda, Sue vol. 15 no. 1 Summer 2012
EPUB 1.9mb
Why I am a Net Artist Andrews, Jim vol. 14 no. 2 Fall 2011
EPUB 57kb
All Things to All People: Choosing Delivery Mechanisms For Commercial Web Applications Arcolio, Arnold; Washburn, Bruce vol. 4 no. 1 September, 1998
EPUB 76kb
Where the Wild Things Are: Seeking Improvisation on the Open Web Platform Armen, Haig; Maxwell, John; Pullinger, Kate vol. 18 no. 1 Winter 2015
Cyberscholarship: High Performance Computing Meets Digital Libraries Arms, William Y. vol. 11 no. 1 Winter 2008
EPUB 72kb
What are the alternatives to peer review? Quality Control in Scholarly Publishing on the Web Arms, William Y. vol. 8 no. 1 August, 2002
EPUB 655kb
Preservation of Scientific Serials: Three Current Examples Arms, William Y. vol. 5 no. 2 Dec., 1999
EPUB 73kb
Standardizing Markdown Mapping to Books and Documentation Armstrong, Peter vol. 18 no. 1 Winter 2015
The Electronic Librarian Is a Verb / The Electronic Library Is Not a Sentence Arnold, Kenneth vol. 1 no. 1&2 January, 1995
EPUB 68kb
The Body in the Virtual Library: Rethinking Scholarly Communication Arnold, Kenneth vol. 1 no. 1&2 January, 1995
EPUB 66kb
Determinants of Article Processing Charges for Medical Open Access Journals Asai, Sumiko vol. 22 no. 1 2019
Gradient Tagging Astrom, Anthon; Zimmer, Lukas vol. 17 no. 1 Winter 2014