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Editor's Note [18.1] Bonn, Maria
BiB V Keynote Address Kahle, Brewster
Bearing the Standard: Histories of Cooperative Innovations Battles, Matthew
Making a Library a Digital One Milutinovic, Mitar
Small Data: Reading Yourself Nash, Richard
The Inadvertent Accessible Content Architect Siegman, Tzviya
Bridging the Web and Digital Publishing Herman, Ivan; Gylling, Markus
From Scrolls to Flows: Books and the New CSS Cramer, Dave
Standardizing Markdown Mapping to Books and Documentation Armstrong, Peter
Designing for Intimacy Kowalski, Michael
What You Will Read Next Cipriano, Scott; Densmore, James
I Made You A Mixtape Zhu, Katie
Thinking About “Books” in More than Two Dimensions McCloy-Kelley, Liisa
Database Narrative in Book and Online Drucker, Johanna
Interlinking Books with the World: Using the Semantic Web to Create Books as Reliable, Machine-Understandable Information Service Providers De Meester, Ben; De Nies, Tom; De Neve, Wesley; Mannens, Erik; Van de Walle, Rik
Skim, Grok, Master: Multi-scale Reading and the Zoomable Book Meyers, Peter
Collaborative Writing Hammersley, John
Open Access and Standards Hyde, Adam
As Goes the Web, So Goes Books on the Web Schultz, Derrick
EPUB: Beyond the eBook Bowers, Micah; Keating, Patrick
The Ebook Avant-Garde Kleinfeld, Sanders
Creating the Multivalent Book Glushko, Robert
Memory Makes Us: Collaboration and Ephemeral in Digital Writing Groth, Simon
Where the Wild Things Are: Seeking Improvisation on the Open Web Platform Armen, Haig; Maxwell, John; Pullinger, Kate
Vision, Strategy, Architecture: Where is the New Publishing Ecosystem? McGuire, Hugh
Library Simplified English, James
Project Gutenberg Books Are Real Richardson, Leonard