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Editor's Note [17.1] Bonn, Maria
Managing Editor’s Note [17.1] McGlone, Jonathan
A Book Isn’t A Book Isn’t A Book Schmalstieg, Manuel
Books (and Readers) in Browsers Merkoski, Jason
Radical Publishing Project Woodall, Steve; Meador, Clifton
Interactivity Is What You Do Bjarnason, Baldur
Network Tense: How to Approach a Contemporary, Technologically-Mediated World Bridle, James
Beyond the Text: Writing Undercover on the Web von Veh, Anna
The Death of the Reader Hyde, Adam
Opportunities and Challenges of Building a Books-as-a-Service Platform Hidalgo, Justo; Malagón, Constantino
The Blind Men and the Elephant Haasz, Peter
Writing and Editing in the Browser Brown, Mandy
Landing Gear: A Writer, A Novel, A Publisher, An API Pullinger, Kate
We Love Paper and Pixels Mineur, Étienne
Mobilizing: Mobile Screens and Artistic Practices Cunin, Dominique
Beyond Intuitive UI: Design Considerations for Attention, Rhythm, and Weight Tan, Allen
Designing on the Edge: Digital Paratext and the New Reading Pressman, Corey
Gradient Tagging Astrom, Anthon; Zimmer, Lukas
Annotation, Data, and the Living (“e”)Book Whaley, Dan; Hartnell, Jake
Believing in Robots Fahlgren, Keith; Collingridge, Peter
Digital Books: A New Chapter for Reader Privacy Ozer, Nicole
Born Accessible Capiel, Gerardo
Textbooks in Browsers: An Editor for Creating, Adapting, and Sharing Fletcher, Kathi
Collaborative Authoring, Use, and Maintenance of a Multidisciplinary ”E-Textbook” Glushko, Robert
The Inhuman Future of Digital Reading McCoy, Bill
Dreams Reoccurring: The Craft of the Book in the Age of the Web Maxwell, John; Armen, Haig
Sausage & Laws McGuire, Hugh
The Business of Culture in Our Post-Industrial Times Nash, Richard
Reflections on BiB IV: Commentary, Summaries, and Supplementary Materials From Around the Web McGlone, Jonathan