SUPPLEMENT 9: Story pitch

Before beginning work on a story, submit a story pitch to me in which you:

  • summarize the idea,
  • tell why this story idea is worth doing (why it is newsworthy for your intended audience),
  • list at least 4 specific possible sources (names, types, functions) representing both sides of the issue, and
  • say for what specific media outlet it is intended.

For example:

  • I propose to do a story on how well the college's smoking policy is being implemented and what repercussions it is having—both beneficial and problematic. I will try to show how the policy actually works (and does not work) by relating the experiences of smokers and non-smokers.
  • This idea is worth doing because smoking is a controversial public health issue that strongly affects those involved. An estimated 25 percent of Wheeling Jesuit students smoke, according to the Health Office, so this is not an isolated issue.
  • Among my contacts will be Daniel Caron who headed the committee which designed the policy, students who have tried to quit smoking as a result of the policy as well as smokers who have not, students who have been affected by smoking and college Health Office staff who work with those trying to quit.
  • I intend this story for the Feb. 23 issue of The Cardinal Connection.