SUPPLEMENT 5: Observe: Focusing strategies


to become conscious of the step-by-step process you go through in identifying the focus of a news story.


Many times we do things without even noticing that there is a definite process, a series of steps we go through each time we do this thing. Your goal here is to become more conscious of the steps you go through in coming up with the focus for a news story.

To do this, you will first consider raw information for a specific story. Then you will turn your attention to what you are doing as you try to find the focus for this story. Then you will try to write down a general step-by-step process that could be applied to any raw news story information.


  1. Read the following information.

  2. Make a list of at least three different ways this story could be focused.

  3. As you do this, notice carefully what steps you go through in identifying the focus of a story.

  4. Write these steps down in outline form as though you were going to give a presentation to the class on how to focus a story.

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