The authors are grateful to Kenneth R. Laker for initially suggesting the experimental publication of an archival journal accompanied by a CD-ROM and for his subsequent work and encouragement to that end. The experiments were made possible by the sponsorship of the IEEE Education Society under the leadership of Jerry R. Yeargan, Robert L. Sullivan and Victor K. Schutz. David A. Conner, Shirlene Hagler and Fran Zappulla, in addition to those already mentioned, provided invaluable help and advice. For the first CD-ROM/Web issue published in August 1996, critical financial support came not only from the IEEE Education Society, but also from the IEEE Foundation, the National Science Foundation Division of Undergraduate Education, the IEEE Educational Activities Board, the IEEE Computer Society, the IEEE Technical Activities Board, the International Engineering Consortium, the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society, the American Society for Mechanical Engineers, and the IEEE Engineering Management Society.