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ACM's Journal of Experimental Algorithmics: Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Practice Moret, Bernard M.E.

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Earth Interactions: Transcending the Limitations of the Printed Page Holoviak, Judy; Seitter, Keith L.
EPUB 79kb
Electronic Journal of Cognitive and Brain Science: A Truly All-Electronic Journal: Let Democracy Replace Peer Review Nadasdy, Zoltan
EPUB 81kb
Waiting for Thomas Kuhn: First Monday and the Evolution of Electronic Journals Valauskas, Edward J.
EPUB 76kb
Living Reviews in Relativity: Making an Electronic Journal Live Wheary, Jennnifer; Schutz, Bernard F.
EPUB 91kb
Public-Access Computer Systems Review: Testing the Promise Ensor, Pat; Wilson, Thomas
EPUB 100kb
RSNA Electronic Journal: Beyond Paper Images: Radiology on the Web Ackerman, Laurens V.; Simonaitis, Alphonse
EPUB 95kb
TC: A Journal of Biblical Textual Criticism: A Modern Experiment in Studying the Ancients Adair, James R.
EPUB 80kb
Editor's Gloss: Silicon Snake Oil and Branding Turner, Judith Axler
EPUB 51kb
Causerie: Why I Don't Read Electronic Journals: An Iconoclast Speaks Out Grenquist, Peter
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Causerie: Of Periodicals and Porkbellies: A Modest Proposal Gherman, Paul M.
EPUB 66kb
Excerpted: Reading, Scholarship, and Hypertext Editions Lavagnino, John
EPUB 68kb
Q.A.: Basic Journal-ism: Tips for Electronic Publishers Lieb, Thom
EPUB 68kb
Q.A.: Bettering the Old JEP Cuenca, Mike
EPUB 52kb
An Economic Perspective on E-Publishing in Academia Getz, Malcolm
EPUB 105kb
ARCHIVE: Globalizing Politics and Religion in the Muslim World Anderson, Jon W.