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As We May Think (an article that appeared in The Atlantic Monthly in 1945 predicting the electronic revolution) Bush, Vannevar

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An Assessment of Pricing Mechanisms for the Internet--A Regulatory Imperative Sakbar, Mitrabarun
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The Body in the Virtual Library: Rethinking Scholarly Communication Arnold, Kenneth
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Charging and Accounting for Bursty Connections Kelly, Frank P.
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Copyright in the New World of Electronic Publishing Strong, William S.
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Copyright: The Glue of the System Fisher, Janet H.
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The Design of an Optimal Pricing Scheme for ATM Integrated-Services Networks Wang, Qiong; Peha, Jon M.; Sirbu, Marvin A.
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Economics and Internet Interconnection Agreements Bailey, Joseph P.
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Economic FAQs About the Internet MacKie-Mason, Jeffrey K.; Varian, Hal R.
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Economics of Electronic Publishing Day, Colin
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The Economics of Layered Networks Gong, Jiong; Srinagesh, Padmanabhan
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The Electronic Librarian Is a Verb / The Electronic Library Is Not a Sentence Arnold, Kenneth
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Endorsements, Licensing, and Insurance for Distributed System Services Lai, Charlie; Medvinsky, Gennady; Neuman, B. Clifford
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Flat: The Minimalist B-ISDN Rate Anania, Loretta; Solomon, Richard Jay
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Internet Publishing: How We Must Think Fillmore, Laura
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The Hundred Years War Started Today: An exploration of electronic peer review Peters, John
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Image Vision: Forging A National Image Alliance Gherman, Paul
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Information Security for Electronic Commerce on the Internet: The Need for a New Policy and New Research McKnight, Lee; Solomon, Richard Jay; Gerovac, Branko; Carver, David; Johnson, Clark; Gingold, David; Reagle, Joe
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Institutional and Policy Issues in the Development of the Digital Library Kahin, Brian
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Internet Cost Structures and Interconnection Agreements Srinagesh, Padmanabhan
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Internet Publishing in a Borderless Environment: Bookworms into Butterflies Fillmore, Laura
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An Introduction to Internet Economics McKnight, Lee W.; Bailey, Joseph P.
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A Model for Cost Allocation and Pricing in the Internet Clark, David D.
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A Model for Efficient Aggregation of Resources for Economic Public Goods on the Internet Hallgren, Martyne M.; McAdams, Alan K.
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NetCheque, NetCash, and the Characteristics of Internet Payment Services Neuman, B. Clifford; Medvinsky, Gennady
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New Zealand Experiences with Network Traffic Charging Brownlee, Nevil
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Online Publishing: Threat or Menace? Fillmore, Laura
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Pricing Electronic Products Day, Colin
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Pricing Network Usage: A Market for Bandwidth or Market for Communication? Crawford, David W.
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A Priority Pricing Approach to Manage Multi-Service Class Networks in Real-Time Gupta, Alok; Stahl, Dale O.; Whinston, Andrew B.
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The Role of Responsive Pricing in the Internet MacKie-Mason, Jeffrey K.; Murphy, Liam; Murphy, John
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Slaves of a New Machine: Exploring the For-Free/For-Pay Conundrum Fillmore, Laura
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Some FAQs about Usage-Based Pricing MacKie-Mason, Jeffrey K.; Varian, Hal R.
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User Control Modes and IP Allocation Danielsen, Ketil; Weiss, Martin
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Testimony prepared on behalf of the Association of American University Presses for the National Information Infrastructure Task Force Working Group on Intellectual Property Freeman, Lisa
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We Have Chosen Shame and Will Get War Greenspun, Philip
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Internet Economics Workshop Notes Bailey, Joseph; Gillett, Sharon; Gingold, David; Leida, Brett; Melcher, Douglas; Reagle, Joseph; Roh, Jae; Rothstein, Russell
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