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General Praise (We Love It!)

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by Harold Orlans
Bethesda, MD
December 2001

One simple good thing JEP does is to notify readers of the contents of each issue and to summarize the articles. This is not, but should be, the universal practice of electronic journals. It makes you feel you are indeed a subscriber and helps you to decide which, if any, articles you want to read. When you have to go to a Web site to see if a new journal issue has appeared, you never remember the prospective issue date, the deadline may not be kept (journals are often VERY late), and, in short order, you no longer keep up with the journal. So, my compliments to the editor for her regular notification and helpful article summaries.

JEP Creates Internet Guru

by a Librarian/Information Manager in the U.K.
August 2001

I am most impressed with this latest issue of the journal.

It has much valuable information to which I have referred (with acknowledgment, of course) in my weekly information bulletin for this company. With your help (and the help of many others) I am getting the reputation of an Internet guru.

Many thanks.