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Returning Scientific Publishing to Scientists by Allison Buckholtz

William J. Pesce, President and CEO of John Wiley & Sons, Misquoted

by Susan Spilka
Corporate Communications Director
John Wiley & Sons
December 2001

Allison Buckhotz's article entitled "Returning Scientific Publishing to Scientists" in the July issue of The Journal of Electronic Publishing refers to misquoted and misinterpreted remarks attributed to William J. Pesce, President and CEO of John Wiley & Sons, Inc., in the June 29 issue of Professional Publishing Report (PPR). The inaccurate reporting was subsquently corrected in PPR's August 10 issue.

The PPR article is a material distortion of Mr. Pesce's response to questions posed by a stockholder during Wiley's Fiscal 2001 Year-end Conference Call, resulting from the writer's misinterpretation of Mr. Pesce's actual comments and her incorrect attribution to him of certain connections and conclusions. The misstatements would lead one to believe that Wiley has acted in response to SPARC. This is simply not true, and not what he communicated during the conference call. What is true, and is supported by his reponse, is that Wiley has been addressing customer concerns — some, but by no means all, of which are of concern to SPARC and other entities as well.

While I realize that your use of erroneous material was not intentional, I am nonetheless concerned that your readers will be misled by this inaccurate account of the dialogue, as Ms. Buckholz apparently was misled. Therefore, I respectfully request that a correction be published as soon as possible.