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Linda S. Cordell (1943–2013) Sabloff, Jeremy A.; Lamphere, Louis
T. Patrick Culbert (1930–2013) Harrison, Peter D.
David M. Brugge (1927–2013) Lamphere, Louise; Roberts Powers, Willow
The Indian Fashion Show: Fighting Cultural Stereotypes with Gender Parezo, Nancy J.
The Contract with God: Patterns of Cultural Consensus across Two Brazilian Religious Communities Dengah II, H. J. François
Evidence of a Neanderthal-Made Quartz-Based Technology at Navalmaíllo Rockshelter Márquez, B.; Mosquera, M.; Baquedano, E.; Pérez-González, A.; Panera, J.; Arsuaga, J. L.; Espinosa, J. A.; Gómez, J.
Neanderthal Graphic Behavior: The Pecked Pebble from Axlor Rockshelter García-Diez, Marcos; Ochoa Fraile, Blanca; Maestu, Ignacio Barandiarán
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