Michael F. Conlin is an associate professor of history at Eastern Washington University, where he publishes and teaches in the fields of the early republic, the Civil War, and the history of science.

William C. Harris is emeritus professor of history at North Carolina State University. His publications include Lincoln’s Rise to the Presidency (2007), and With Charity for All: Lincoln and the Restoration of the Union (1997). His latest book, Lincoln and the Border States During the Civil War, is forthcoming in Fall 2011.

S. Chandler Lighty is a research associate at the Papers of Abraham Lincoln. He previously worked on the Papers of General Lew and Susan Wallace, and at the Indiana Historical Bureau.

David Lowenthal is emeritus professor of political science at Boston College. His publications include Present Dangers: Rediscovering the First Amendment (2009) and Shakespeare and the Good Life: Ethics and Politics in Dramatic Form (1997). He is currently working on a study of Lincoln’s speeches.

Eric H. Walther is professor of history at the University of Houston. His publications include William Lowndes Yancey and the Coming of the Civil War (2006) and Shattering of the Union: America in the 1850s (2004).

Jennifer L. Weber is an associate professor of history at the University of Kansas. She is the author of Copperheads: The Rise and Fall of Lincoln’s Opponents in the North (2006).