To July 27, 2006

Consider assisting in the expansion and perpetuation of a century-old independent group with international membership interested in Lincoln scholarship and understanding. The donors listed below have made gifts to establish the Abraham Lincoln Association Endowment. This fund will enable the Association to meet additional challenges and needs with the bicentennial of Lincoln's birth approaching in 2009. The Association has celebrated Lincoln's birthday with banquets since 1909, publishes both a scholarly journal devoted to Lincoln and a quarterly newsletter for members, and fostered the publication and updating of The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln among other activities to broaden interest in his life and contributions to American society.

Join us in these efforts with a gift or series of gifts over the next five years to the Abraham Lincoln Association, 1 Old State Capitol Plaza, Springfield, IL 62701–1507. Additional information or brochures are available from the Endowment Chairman, Robert S. Eckley, 20 Walker Drive, Bloomington, IL 61701, or the Treasurer, Robert Stuart, Jr., 610 Williams Blvd., Springfield, IL 62704.

Presidential $50,000 and Up

Cabinet $10,000 to 49,999

  • Molly M. Becker, Springfield, IL
  • Robert & Nell Eckley, Bloomington, IL
  • Mr. & Mrs. Lewis E. Lehrman, Greenwich, CT

Wigwam Delegate $5,000 to $9,999

  • Richard E. & Ann Hart, Springfield, IL
  • Jane Eckley Lennon, Oakland, CA

Congressional $2,500 to 4,999

  • Nicholas D. DiGiovanni, Jr., Marlborough, MA
  • Helen Goldsworthy Campbell, Peoria, IL
  • Frederick B. Hoffmann, Springfield, IL
  • Robert J. Lenz, Bloomington, IL
  • Georgia Northrup, Springfield, IL
  • Charles C. Patton, Springfield, IL
  • Benjamin & Susan Shapell, Beverly Hills, CA

Long Nine Legislator $1,000 to 2,499

  • Dan W. Bannister, Springfield, IL
  • Mrs. Floyd Barringer, Springfield, IL
  • Judith Barringer & Rich Kerhlikar, Springfield, IL
  • Roger & Karen Bridges, Bloomington, IL
  • Paul & Penny Eckley, Normal, IL
  • Robert George Eckley, Clayton, MO
  • Donald H. Funk, Springfield, IL
  • Earl W. Henderson Jr., Springfield, IL
  • Betty J. Hickey, Elkhart, IL
  • Willa Jean Jones, Springfield, IL
  • Walter and Carol Lohman, Springfield, IL
  • Lee B. McTurnan, Indianapolis, IN
  • Saul J. Morse, Springfield, IL
  • Mark A. Plummer, Bloomington, IL
  • James A. Rawley, Lincoln, NE
  • Don R. Tracy, Springfield, IL
  • Nancy J. Watson, Springfield, IL

Circuit Rider $500 to 999

  • R-Lou & Morton Barker,
  • Springfield, IL
  • Stephen P. Bartholf, Springfield, IL
  • Glen L. Bower, Effingham, IL
  • Theodore Brown, Jr., Marietta, GA
  • Michael Burlingame, Mystic, CT
  • Phillip & GamGee Dripps, St. Charles, IL
  • Shirley S. Edwards, Springfield, IL
  • William Hanchett, San Diego, CA
  • Norman D. Hellmers, Springfield, IL
  • Robert R. Higley, Thornton, CO
  • Dr. Robert W. Johannsen, Champaign, IL
  • Tom Lalicki, Briarcliff Manor, NY
  • Diane J. Mercer, Grove City, OH
  • Judge & Mrs. Richard Mills, Springfield, IL
  • Phillip S. Paludan, Springfield, IL
  • Scott Ralston, Bloomington, IL
  • John C. Ryan, Murphysboro, IL
  • Tom & Cathy Schwartz, Springfield, IL
  • William & Mary Shepherd, Bloomington, IL
  • Robert & Margie Stuart, Springfield, IL
  • Robert T. Taylor, Baton Rouge, LA
  • Daniel Weinberg, Chicago, IL
  • Dr. Richard L. Weidenbacher, Jr., Elizabeth, NJ
  • Judge Harlington Wood Jr., Peterburg, IL

Other Donors

  • Dan & Lynne Barringer, Bloomington, IL
  • David Barringer, Springfield, IL
  • Douglas Barringer, Springfield, IL
  • Florence Fifer Bloomer, Normal, IL
  • Robert Bunn, Springfield, IL
  • Charles & Nancy Chapin, Chatham, IL
  • John E. Daly, Rochester, IL
  • Brooks Davis, Chicago, IL
  • Rodney O. Davis, Galesburg, IL
  • William H. Diller, Jr., Springfield, IL
  • Richard W. Dyke, Indianapolis, IN
  • John M. Field, Winnetka, IL
  • Dr. John W. Frisch, Bloomington, IL
  • Anne L. Goff, Tampa, FL
  • Gerry D. Greenberg, Tucson, AZ
  • Dr. Allen C. Guelzo, Paoli, PA
  • O. J. Keller, Atlanta, GA
  • John B. Kincaid, Wheaton, IL
  • Keith A. Larson, Locust Grove, VA
  • Dr. John K. Lattimer, Englewood, NJ
  • Robert E. Miller Jr., Winter Haven, FL
  • Susan Mogerman, Springfield, IL
  • John R. Power, Jacksonville, IL
  • Gerald J. Prokopowicz, Ft. Wayne, IN
  • Dr. & Mrs. Wayne C. Temple, Springfield, IL
  • Louise Taper, Beverly Hills, CA
  • Eric Tobin, Doylestown, PA
  • Mary W. Trevor, Bay Village, OH
  • John T. Trutter, Northfield, IL
  • A. D. Van Meter Jr., Springfield, IL
  • Mrs. A. D. Van Meter, Springfield, IL
  • Robert S. Willard, University Park, MD
  • Douglas L. Wilson, Galesburg, IL
  • Michael D. Zecher, State Center, IA