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Contributors to this Issue

Kim Matthew Bauer is the Historical Research Specialist for the Henry Horner Lincoln Collection at the Illinois State Historical Library. He organizes the bi-annual Lincoln conference in Decatur, Illinois. Currently, he is preparing a volume containing a selection of papers presented at these conferences.

Robert Bray is the Colwell Professor of American Literature at Illinois Wesleyan University. He has written widely on Midwestern and Illinois literature, including Rediscoveries (1982) and A Reader's Guide to Illinois Literature (1985). He has just finished a biography of Peter Cartwright, the Methodist minister who ran against Abraham Lincoln for Congress in 1846.

Allen C. Guelzo is the Grace F. Kea Professor of American History and the Dean of the Templeton Honors College at Eastern College in St. David's, Pennsylvania, where he teaches American intellectual and cultural history. He is the author of several books, including The Crisis of the American Republic: A History of the Civil War and Reconstruction (1995), and Abraham Lincoln: Redeemer President (1999) winner of the prestigious Lincoln Prize. He is currently working on a book on the Emancipation Proclamation for Simon and Schuster.

Douglas L. Wilson is the co-director of the Lincoln Studies Center at Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois. Author of Honor's Voice: The Transformation of Abraham Lincoln (1998) and coeditor of Herndon's Informant's (1998), Wilson transcribed and plumbed the research of William Henry Herndon for insight into Abraham Lincoln. With his longtime collaborator, Rodney O. Davis, Wilson is working on a new edition of William Herndon and Jesse W. Weik's Herndon's Lincoln: The True Story of A Great Life (1889).