Abraham Lincoln Association


  • Floyd S. Barringer
  • Molly M. Becker
  • Roger D. Bridges
  • James E. Brown
  • Robert H. Bunn
  • John R. Chapin
  • Richard N. Current
  • Cullom Davis
  • Irving Dilliard
  • Olive Foster
  • Donald H. Funk
  • John B. Hannum
  • Richard E. Hart
  • Earl W. Henderson, Jr.
  • James T. Hickey
  • Frederick B. Hoffmann
  • Harold Holzer
  • Robert W. Johannsen
  • Ben Miller
  • Mark E. Neely, Jr.
  • Ralph G. Newman
  • Georgia Northrup
  • James W. Patton, III
  • John Y. Simon
  • Charles B. Strozier
  • John T. Trutter
  • Margaret Van Meter
  • Clyde C. Walton


  • Governor James R. Thompson
  • Senator Alan J. Dixon
  • Senator Paul Simon
  • Stephen B. Oates
  • Congressman Richard J. Durbin
  • Mayor Ossie Langfelder
  • John Hope Franklin
  • Don E. Fehrenbacher

Dear Members:


This is the second issue published by the University of Illinois Press on our behalf and we hope you enjoy it.


You will note that this is Volume 10, but the date is listed as 1988–89. This updating more accurately reflects the timing and currency of the Journal's publication. Our next issue, Volume 11, will carry the date 1990 and is expected to be in your hands by December 1989.

Frank J. Williams