MARIO M. CUOMO was elected governor of New York in 1982, and reelected in 1986 with the largest majority in state history. Formerly New York lieutenant governor and secretary of state, Governor Cuomo is a graduate of St. John's University and St. John's School of Law. The latest of his two books is Diaries: The Campaign for Governor (Random House, 1984). He has won acclaim for a number of major speeches and lectures including "Religious Belief and Public Morality: A Catholic Governor's Perspective," delivered at the University of Notre Dame department of theology in 1984.

THOMAS F. SCHWARTZ is curator of the Lincoln Collection for the Illinois State Historical Library and has spoken and written widely on the life of Abraham Lincoln. He is a native of Illinois and is working on his dissertation on Jacksonian diplomacy. His recent articles include: "Lincoln, Fillmore and Form Letters," in the Journal of the State Historical Society and "Lincoln Handbill of 1837: A Rare Document's History," in the Journal of Illinois History.

JOEL H. SILBEY is the President White professor of history at Cornell University. He is a specialist in the politics of the pre-Civil War period. His most recent work, The Partisan Imperative, was published in 1985 by Oxford University Press. He is currently working on a book about Republicans in Congress in the 1850s.

FRANK J. WILLIAMS is the president of the Abraham Lincoln Association. For years, he has also served as president of the Lincoln Group of Boston. Mr. Williams lectures widely, most recently at the "Lincoln Family" symposium at Hildene, Vermont. As principal advisor for the recent symposium "Lincoln and the American Political Tradition" at Brown University, he won a special Barondess Award. Mr. Williams has one of the largest, privately-held Lincoln libraries in the country.


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Unless otherwise indicated, illustrations are courtesy of the Illinois State Historical Library.

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