This year, 1979, marks the fiftieth anniversary of the publication of the first issue of The Abraham Lincoln Association Papers in 1929.

The value of the subsequent publications of the Association is attested to by Dr. James G. Randall in his landmark 1936 article in the American Historical Review, "Has the Lincoln Theme Been Exhausted?"

It is important in this connection to note the activities of the Abraham Lincoln Association, which began primarily as an association of citizens (chiefly in Springfield) to celebrate the Lincoln centennial in 1909 and which in recent years has broadened its outlook and turned its interests to the more serious aspects of Lincoln investigation, as shown by the stamp of scholarship, which its bulletins and papers bear.

The Papers were followed in 1940 by the Abraham Lincoln Association Quarterly, which continued until 1952; and soon after the publication of The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln ended all regular publications by the Association.

In the last issue of the Quarterly of December, 1952, President George W. Bunn, Jr., stated prophetically: "The job will never be fully ended as long as the memory of Lincoln survives, but there will always be those who will carry it on."

Since that time only an occasional worthy address given before the Association has been printed. It is now with the feeling of great satisfaction and the fulfillment of a prophecy that we once again resume the regular publication program.

We are pleased with the high scholastic standards set by the two articles in this our first issue, and we invite the help and encouragement of our members and friends in this ongoing venture.

Floyd S. Barringer, President Page  [End Page 5]