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David J. Staley The AAHC: a Visionary Organization
AAHC Suggested Guidelines for Evaluating Digital Media Activities in Tenure, Review, and Promotion
About the Next Issue...
About the Next Issue...
About the Next Issue...
Jeffrey Barlow About this Issue
Deborah Lines Anderson Academic Historians, Electronic Information Access Technologies, and the World Wide Web: A Longitudinal Study of Factors Affecting Use and Barriers to that Use
Deborah Lines Andersen Academic Historians Revisited
Deborah Lines Andersen Access to Visual Data
An agreement between the AAHC and Bell & Howell's Xanedu to author coursepacks
American Association for History and Computing Multimedia, Article, and Book Awards
Kristen Robinson The American Journey
Wendy Plotkin Americans on the Move: Geography and Society in the Post-World War II Period, 1950-2000
Alan MacEachern The :-) and :-( of Teaching History on the Web
Tracy Penny Light Andrea A. DiSessa's Changing Minds: Computers, Learning, and Literacy
J. B. Owens Anne Kelly Knowles's Past Time, Past Place: GIS for History
Julie L. Holcomb Anne R. Kenney and Oya Y. Rieger's Moving Theory into Practice
Jennifer Utter Archives and Museums
Jennifer Utter Archives and Museums: Idaho
Jennifer Utter Archives and Museums: Oregon and Washington State
Daniel Pfeifer An Archiving Scheme for an On-line Journal
Stephen Gance Are Constructivism and Computer-Based Learning Environments Incompatible?
Daniel J. Pfeifer askSam ver 3.0
David J. Staley An Associative Assemblage of the History of Globalization
Amy Schleigh At the Intersection of History and Technology: A Bibliography for Historians and Information Professionals
Jeffrey Barlow Authority Levels
Awards for best Article, Book, and Multimedia sites of 2000 by the Association for History and Computing