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Gary Peating The Ulster Folk and Transport Museum, Cultra, Co. Down, Northern Ireland
Marin Dacos Un Historien au Pays du Minitel Le Web et l'Histoire en France à la Fin de l'Anné 2000
Terrence A. Maxwell Universities, Information Ownership, and Knowledge Communities
Jeffrey Barlow Upon the Occasion of Posting Our Second Issue
Carmen de Pablos Heredero The Use of Electronic Mail in the Public Universities of Madrid
Keith Dils The Use of Technology to Reach the Various Learning Styles of Middle School History and Social Studies Students
Gina Hogue Using Computer Technology to Enhance Historical Thinking Skills in the United States History Survey Course
Adam Friedman Using Digital Primary Sources to Teach World History and World Geography: Practices, Promises, and Provisos
John E. Ashbrook Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) as an analytical tool in the analysis of politics in Eastern Europe: Istria in the 1990s
Jim Brown Using GIS to Drive Research in Undergraduate History Classes - A Report on Five Years of Experimentation with the Modern World History Survey Course
Scott A. Merriman Using Internet Primary Sources to Teach Critical Thinking Skills in History (Kathleen W. Craver)
Felicia L. Carr Using the World Wide Web as a Teaching Tool in "An Introduction to American History": Some Technical and Ethical Difficulties
Wilson J. Warren Using the World Wide Web for Primary Source Research in High School History Classes