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Jeffrey Barlow The Painful Transition To Electronic Scholarship
John Bonnett Panel Introduction: 3D Virtual Environments and the Discipline of History
Jeffrey Barlow Paradigms of World History and American Technology
Anne Rothfield Patrick D. Reagan's History and the Internet: A Guide
Dennis A. Trinkle Paul E. Ceruzzi's A History of Modern Computing
Jeffrey G. Barlow A Peer-Reviewed Web Ring for Students and Teachers of History
Scott A. Merriman Persecution of the German Language in Cincinnati and the Ake Law in Ohio, 1917-1919
Felicia L. Carr Peter Lunenfeld's The Digital Dialectic: New Essays on New Media
Ryan Johnson Peter Menzel and Faith D'Alusio's Robosapiens: Evolution of a New Species
Gabrielle V. Michalek The Pittsburgh Jewish Newspapers Project: Digitizing Archival Newspapers for Full-Text Searching
Gloria Petrie Plans, Procedures and PC's: Using PC's to Facilitate Learning in the K-12 Classroom
Gloria Petrie Plans, Procedures and PCs: Using PCs to Facilitate Learning in the K-12 Classroom
Timothy Allen Plundering Philosophers: Identifying Sources of the Encyclopédie
Terry J. DuBose Polybiography of Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Positions and Openings
Bruce Fehn PowerPoint and Privileging the Visual in Teaching American History: Lynching, Racist Collectibles, and Abu Ghraib Prison Photos
John K. Lee Pre-service Social Studies Teachers' "Reckoning" with Historical Interpretations and Controversy Arising from the use of Digital Historical Resources
Jessica Lacher-Feldman Presenting Historical Resources Information on the World Wide Web: A Case Study of the Development of the New York State Office of Cultural Education's Website and the OCE History Advisory Council History Resources Web Pages
Julie L. Holcomb Preserving Digital Archives, Preserving Cultural Memory
John K. Lee Principles for Interpretative Digital History Web Design
Julie Holcomb Print Resources in History and Computing
Julie Holcomb Print Resources in History and Computing
Julie Holcomb Print Resources in History and Computing
Julie L. Holcomb Print Resources in History and Computing
Prize for best book in History and Computing
J. Kelly Robison ProCite 5.0
Jason S. Lantzer The Public History of Presidential Libraries: How the Presidency is Presented to the People
Ann McVeigh Public Record Office of Northern Ireland
Jessica Lacher-Feldman Publishers' Bindings Online, 1815-1930: The Art of Books as a Model for Publicity, Outreach and Promotion of Digital Projects and Online Resources in Cultural Heritage Institutions and Academic Libraries
Ruth Mostern Putting the World in World History