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Mark S. Newmark A Call for a New Generation of Historical Web Sites
Dennis Trinkle Call for Papers
Michael Tager Cass Sunstein's
Daniel J. Pfeifer CensusCD+Maps ver. 2.01
Dennis A. Trinkle The Challenge of the Uni-versity Re-Imagining Our Communities
Michael Tager Charles Bazerman's The Language of Edison's Light
Robert C. H. Sweeny Chris Mann and Fiona Stewart's Internet Communication and Qualitative Research A Handbook for Researching Online
Dale A. Stirling Christine A. Finn's Artifacts: An Archeologist's Year in Silicon Valley
Shelley Howe Christo H. Papadimitriou's Turing: A Novel About Computation
Daniel J. Pfeifer Citation 7.1
Bradford Lee Eden Clifford Nass and Scott Brave's Wired for Speech: How Voice Activates and Advances the Human-Computer Relationship
Shawn Martin Collaboration in Electronic Scholarly Communication: New Possibilities for Old Books
Jeffrey G. Barlow Come to the Millenium...
Timothy Spalding A communication from Mr. Timothy Spalding in response to previous article published in JAHC (A Call For a New Generation of Historical Web Sites - Mark S. Newmark)
George S. Vascik Computer-Assisted Plotting and Analysis of Village Returns in German National Elections, 1893-1912
Deborah Lines Andersen Considering Alternate Standards
Karine Pellier Contributions of data Management to Cliometrics
Deborah Lines Andersen Controlling Digital Data
Gary K. Peatling Creating a database of British Public Library Annual Reports, 1850-1919
Matt Ernst Creating Digital Documents Using Optical Character Recognition